the first vocal social network

totape is the first app that allows people, producers and brands, to create, share and spread across all social networks, creative audio content and original Talks.
totape allows producers to turn and publish their Channel, create listeners and earn from advertising.

Become a taper©, rec. your talent.

totape is available on app store, brand new!

Get Ready to Talk.

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totape is brand new! Get Ready to Talk. Download Now!


The Channels give the right space to the producers, publishers, brands and all the talents of the Talk.


Monetize your Channel

Propose your idea of Channel, creates listeners and start earning money through advertising. Now for you an activation bonus. Submit your audio audition

Create your Brand Sound Identity

If you are a brand or a publisher, please contact us to open your channel, free of charge.

Publish your Sound Kit

Are you a producer? Propose your sound emoticons to , the best will be published within the app.

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